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Gheoart, born in december 2003, is founded by the italian artist Luvit and his daughters Elda and  Simona who have Univrsity degrees in Sociology and Psicology and who are organizing events. The manifesto which is the source of ispiration of the whole artistic movement has been published in the month of december 2003 in the Italian  magazine "Segni D'Arte" .  Gheoart  is a movement, fed by all the artists who want to stimolate the interest persons to pay attention to the subjects and the arguments of the movement. 

Gheoart want to grow

The use of this website is gratuated to all the artists who would like to publish their works of art (max. 6) which have to be coherent with the subjects of the movement.Their publications contribute to the expansion of the movement and of the website and the formation of a permanent exhibition that everyone can visite with a simple mouse click and that could become one of the biggest exhibitions of the world. The visit of this exhibition, based on subjects of global interest and representing fundamental values of the movement, can be a further and indispensable impulse for the active participation in the movement. If you want to publish one or more of your works of art, the only thing you have to do ist to send an email to Gheoart. In your mail you should give some information about yourself, the artist, and specify the technique(s), the material(s), the dimension(s) of your picture(s).The works of art, published on the Gheoart website, remain in the property of the artists. The Gheoart site is a no profit.Your works will be published 48 hours after receiving Your mail.The subscription and publications for those who take spontaneously part in our movement are absolutely free.


The Gheoart movement wants to grow and become a world - wide movement of artists of all kinds painters, sculptors, writers, musicians and so on. Everyone can contribute with its own creations, the only thing that is to consider is, that they' re focused on the preservation of our home Earth in which we are living day by day and that is slowly fading away towards the consequent unthinkable configurations. The human - being is the largest consumer of well - being. Even cultures which are always in the stage of development want on the whole to compare themselves with the developed cultures and ask for wealth and well being. This trend is confirmed by the phenomenon of migration. All the antiglobalization movements fight in the end only for a better distribution of goods and wealth. Wealth represents the highest demand of man. All living forms in the world satisfy their requests of energy (not for the collective well - being, but in order to survive in a logic of equilibrium that mother nature is constantly producing and offering in fascinating criterions that man doesn' t respect. The human - being produces with a productive logic that tends to satisfy his never - ending. It’s like a spiral without an end. It' s a spontaneous reaction to ask ourselves if there is any possibility to use some kind of strategy? The answer is no! It' s like a train without brakes which hits an obstacle. The conductor is aware of it but he can' t do anything about it. The inevitable remains inevitable. The only possible strategy is to interfere with the productive circles of wealth in produce wealth which respects our mother Home In the hope that it won' tbe influenced by catastrophes like biochemical or nuclear break -outs, we can interfere in "stopping the train" in different ways.We can, for example, substitute a part of the polluted energy with clean energy: all the cars that burn combustibles that pollute the environment could be replaced by cars with hydrogen motors which are clean and harmless. These technologies have just been put into circulation but they have even been already removed by people with personal interests One of the first important steps could be to heat our houses and offices with clean energy. But unfortunately this isn' t easy to realize because of people who want to keep their status quo. All politicians from the first presidents up to congressmen are not interested in the well - being of man, but in maintaining their power. Consequently we can't expect that anything will be changed by them. It' s like talking to rocks. Everybody is still waiting for a politician able to better our live. In fact, the European Union has been created in order to satisfy more people. If there is more request than there will be even more competition. We have to condition the consumer of well - being to use this possibility. It' s possible to give birth or awake this conscience which is necessary for a change of the actual tendencies. We shouldn' t forget that in civil societies and normal democracies the congressmen and members of the parliament are chosen by us and so we can control and influence the situation. We have to wake up the consumers of well - being up to their laziness - the consequence of living in a world of wealth - and to convince them that they have change the trends. In order to change the trends, we have to force the politicians to work within the rules of a World Constitution written by wise men, obviously “superpartes”, and to collaborate in a World Parliament where esclusevely scientists and humanists will focus on the preservation of our Home the Earth. The simple and good man will be the only one who wants the realization of this project, because it represents the only real way of protection for himself and for his future generations. His conscience isn't formed yet. The heat of the  summer 2003, the 15000 elderly persons that died in France and Italy, are welcomed by the politicians, because now they don't have to pay 15.000 pensions less than foreseen. However, the public opinion has been deeply touched and it is in this and in other parts of the society in which Gheoart wants to work and to grow. The artists' sensibility is able to understand and transform these events of the contemporary world. Free of any compromise, they' re keepers of universal values that have set roots in the myth and that represent one of the possible ways to take, in order to awake the consciousness. A world wide movement at which the majority of artists will take part with their versatile artistic languages, supported and amplyfied by ecological organizations and by the mass media. Not able to ignore the phenomenon, their creations will contribute to the defense of our home and of Ecologic Democracy,  recovering the consciousness of the World Parliament. The World Constitution is a really trendy inversion.

Satellite photos  

Here is the Earth from contamination, from China to Pianura Padana
Giovanni Caprara and Guido Visconti
Corriere della Sera, Thursday, October 14, 2004

All alone in a pollution of the planet. An impressive photo. Many stains red fire: it is there that the Earth is sick. And the disease coincides with the most industrialized regions of the world. There is also the Pianura Padana. It is no surprise, we knew for some time. Industrial development, population growth, the increasingly intensive use of vehicles that generate gas in the end, inexorably deteriorating. The photograph collected by Envisat satellite of the European Space Agency shows us the distribution and concentration of nitrogen dioxide according to an average value out of the continuous observation conducted in the last two winter seasons and during the summer.
This gas is generated in combustion processes and therefore result from industrial activities, from car engines, from the central producing energy.
But there is also a natural because it is also generated by the falling of a thunderbolt. The largest concentrations of carbon dioxide are on the Po Valley, in northern Europe, on the east coast of the United States, South Africa, and extended in the Asian region which includes, besides the China Japan and Korea. All areas of human development is increasingly intense. But then there are the aggravating factors.

The area of northern Italy is more vulnerable because of geography, a movement of the winds causing difficult as a result of stagnation inputs.
Milan does not produce more pollutants in a city like Hamburg, however, may benefit from a more favorable air circulation. With us there is an accumulation that aggravates the situation. The stagnant air in the valley of the Po contributes and enhances the values of so as to be ten times higher than those that have the same sources, but a more normal air traffic.
In other places on the planet, the situation is in some respects even more serious as the satellite photograph of the European shows. Throughout the Asian area is constantly covered with a huge "black cloud" that increasingly extends its tentacles to other countries. This is because China is a country that more than others is still in coal using its many and rich mines. But for the time being the "great empire" is committed to produce and develop and there are few controls on trying to limit it. And that is why we talk more and more intensely the need for international legislation that establishes limits on the distribution of pollutants.
The United States, especially along the west coast, are increasingly concerned about the "black cloud" in Asia because it is traveling and is spreading in several directions. And even on the ocean were photographed densification of particles that end up degrading the air of countries very far from the place of origin. And this is a problem because the pollution limits of a nation cease to be overcome not by its own activities, but for the arrival of foreign particles from the sky.
To control this phenomenon are necessary investigations and inquiries that do not yet exist or are so restricted. Along the East Coast of the United States, universities have formed a consortium and built a network of detection to better assess the presence of the substances involved and how they are moving and changing weather of the place. So that now you start talking about chemical predictions regarding the climate.
Meanwhile, to counter this problem we must act on the control of reducing harmful emissions. There is no other way. The map is filled with the observation space clearly demonstrates that the more developed areas of the Earth suffer all the same bad environment. It all must be convinced of the need to find an effective remedy, beyond the many words unnecessary costs in periodic meetings worldwide.

The nitrogen dioxide photographed by satellite Envisat on the Po Valley and other industrial regions of Europe have common origins related to the products of combustion from thermal power, heating, industrial activities and traffic. But the intensity on the Po Valley is derived from an environmental situation is very different: here the weather is stagnant due to nature of comparison with other European regions, and this causes a worsening of the pollutants that persist for longer.

On Asia, the cloud of pollutant nitrogen dioxide reaches a vast expanse that involves China, Japan and Korea. Apart from common sources, China has allied with the aggravating circumstance of being the country with the increased use of coal having a substantial mines. Then you add a heavy contribution of sulfur dioxide. The Chinese fear cloud to the U.S. because the winds carry the substances in heaven Americans.

South Africa, as regards air pollution, suffers the same problems in Europe or the United States. The nitrogen dioxide is the result of industrial production and transport. Were also observed clouds of ocean pollutants but these are derived from the carriage performed by the winds. In particular it was found that carbon monoxide, a substance that resists more of the atmosphere.

Here are particularly disadvantaged areas of East Coast where it is distributed to more intensive population. So traffic, heating and industrial activities are the protagonists. Universities in those regions have formed a consortium which has built a network of detection in order to make "chemical predictions about the texture and movement of pollutants in various phases of the year.


This is our land lit up at night: a barrel of oil (159 liters) is 1650 Kwh ..... you do the bill!

What is not considered as a basic phenomenon is the speed with which you experience the phenomena "anomalous", while we focus on the intensity of the phenomena themselves. The intensity is a consequence of climate change and the geographical shift of intensity confirms the rapid changes in the overall picture.
Due to the nature of time changes, as we measure it, have always been very long: the contraction of these times is another pole on which it would be interesting to discuss. Catastrophism or denial are human emphasis arising from fear or denial of rational fear. Global warming has always alternating with ice ages, never times so fast, so the cause of man is not excluded.
The alternate theories for or against on the basis of knowledge that different cultures offer without considering the scientific and cultural gap that still persists. We still know very little, even though it appears much of the phenomena related to the balance of nature. And 'the rapidity of change that must form the table of ratings.


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